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Villagers, from Minecraft, may be seen in The Binding of Steve.


Uses[edit | edit source]

Villagers can be found where a Shopkeeper should be. There is a 12.5% chance of Shopkeepers being replaced by a Villager. When coming near one, a trade box appear displaying an item the player has on the left and a new item based on the pool of the current room on the right. Touching it will remove the left item from the player and spawn a pedestal with the right item on it. Upon exploding one, it drops 1 to 3 coins.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Villagers, when spawned, always ask for an item that the player has.
    • If the player don't have any item, Breakfast will be chosen.
    • The trade can not be made if the player don't have the item anymore, as the trade will not update.
  • If the current room has no pool, the right item will be chosen amoung the Treasure Pool.
    • When a pool is depleted, Breakfast will be chosen.
  • Zombie Villagers can indirectly spawn Villagers, as they spawn Shopkeepers upon death.