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There are 10 trinkets in The Binding of Steve.

Name Icon Description Effect
Glass Bottle Glass bottle.png More potions Adds the Ace of Spades effect and double the chances of card turning into a potion.
Stick Stick.png Sticks in Holes Gives a key upon picking it up the first time. When a key should be used, it doesn't consume any keys. Has a 25% chance to break when used that way.
Iron Nugget Iron nugget.png Shot Speed up Adds 0.2 shot speed.
Gold Nugget Gold nugget.png Speed up Adds 0.225 speed.
Charcoal Charcoal.png Range up Adds range.
Map Map.png Revelation Does the I Can See Forever effect, but only on regular secret rooms.
Totem of Undying 2 Totem.png Eternal life ? Has a 50% chance of reviving the player at full health upon death. Breaks itself after.
Cookie Cookie.png Heal little by little Has a 50% chance (scaling with luck) to heal a half a heart when damaged. Breaks itself after 5 uses.
Paper Paper.png Revelation Does the I Can See Forever effect, but only on super secret rooms.
Lily Pad Lilypad.png Pit bridge Has small chance to replace pits in room, when entering it, with Lily Pads.