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Ores as seen in Minecraft, play a role in The Binding of Steve.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Ores can be found anywhere in the game. They can randomly spawn by replacing a regular rock with a 0.0025 chance, and if they do spawn, become one of the ore depending on their weight

Name Image Weight Drop
Coal Ore CoalOre.png 10 Coal Coal.png
Iron Ore IronOre.png 8 Iron Ingot Iron.png
Gold Ore Ores.png 6 Gold Ingot Gold.png
Diamond Ore DiamondOre.png 4 Diamond Diamond.png
Emerald Ore EmeraldOre.png 2 Emerald Emerald.png
Redstone Ore RedstoneOre.png 1 Redstone Redstone.png
Quartz Ore QuartzOre.png

20 in womb
0 else

Nether Quartz Quartz.png
Lapis Lazuli Ore LapisOre.png 8 Lapis Lazuli Lapis lazuli.png

Upon destroying one of them by explosion, it drops an item pedestal according to the displayed ore.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ores will always spawn in some rooms.
    • For instance, there are Secret rooms or I AM ERROR rooms that have always ores.
  • Ores spawn are seed based, so if you play twice a run with the same seed, you will always encounter the same ores at the same place.
  • Can be hard to spot on certain kinds of rocks. (Coal on caves rocks, Redstone on wombs rocks, etc.)