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There are 64 items in The Binding of Steve.

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name Icon and Charge Description Effect
Flint and Steel Flint and steel.png 1 room.png Burn up your ennemies Spawns a friendly fire at a random enemy in the room
Ender Chest Ender chest.png Recharge 4.png 1 room.png Save your items When empty, needs 4 charges and stores every item/pickup in the room.

When full, needs 1 charge and releases all previous pickups and items.

Enchanted Golden Apple Enchanted golden apple.png Recharge 12.png God for 30 seconds Gives two soul hearts and immunity for 30 seconds
Golden Apple Enchanted golden apple.png Recharge 6.png God for 10 seconds Gives a soul heart and immunity for 10 seconds
Ender Pearl Ender pearl.png Recharge unlimited.png Symetric Teleportation Teleports you to the symetric position along the room center.
Clock Clock.png Recharge 4.png Sun, Moon, Stars and Death Spawn a card which has :

- 40% chance of being Sun - 40% chance of being Moon - 18% chance of being Stars - 2% chance of being Death

Command Block Command block.png Recharge 2.png /give,/kill,/tp,/effect,/playsound Gives a random effect amoung a list (gives pickups, kill all enemies in the room except bosses, teleport to a random room, gives a potion effect, do nothing)
Brewing Stand Brewing stand.png Recharge 4.png Make potions Spawns a random potion
Bookshelf Bookshelf.pngRecharge 4.png Reusable knowledge Activates a random books effect upon use.
Shulker Box Shulker box.pngRecharge 3.png Is this a backpack? If 2 or more pickups are in a room, it will remove said pickups and place a chest down.
Sponge Sponge.pngRecharge 1.png Blank! Upon use, destroys all enemy shots.

Passived Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description Effect
Eye of Ender Eye of ender.png Press [C] to craft with 10 Coins,Bombs and Keys Spawns a familiar that shoot homing tears. When pressing C and having 10 of coins, bombs and keys, the player can spawn another Eye of Ender.
Bone Bone.png Wolf Tamer Every wolf becomes friendly and attacks enemies. Spawns a friendly wolf every floor.
Diamond Chestplate Diamond chestplate.png Heavy Armor Gives the wafer effect, blocks 2/3 of projectiles, reduce speed by 0.2.
Snowball Snowball.png You made a snowman very happy Gives range, a flat -1 tear rate, 0.2 shotspeed, a little knockback and reduce damage by 0.25 .
Herobrine's Head Herobrines head.png You shouldn't have done that... Sometimes rerolls pickups and sometimes does 100 damage to a random enemy. Does half a heart of damage every 10 seconds if the player hasn't been in a room for 2 minutes.
Elytra Elytra.png Fly you fools ! Grants flight and spawns a random tarot card.
Torch Torch.png Neutralize Spawners Slows nearby enemies. Freeze Portal with the Midas Touch.
TNT Tnt.png Smells like Creepers Explodes upon taking damage.
Crafting Table Crafting table.png Survival Kit Has a 25% chance of duplicating a coin, bomb or key just picked up. Pickup properties are also duplicated.
Bedrock Bedrock.png Hard to sleep on Fills pits so entities can walk over them and grants immunity to explosions.
Coal Coal.png Range up Adds +3 range.
Iron Iron.png Shot Speed up Adds 0.15 shotspeed.
Gold Gold.png Speed up Adds 0.2 speed.
Diamond Diamond.png Damage up Adds 2 damage.
Emerald Emerald.png Tear up Adds 1 tear rate.
Arrow Arrow.png UHC Winner ! Adds 1 tear rate. Makes tears spectral and adds infinite range to it.
Ladder Ladder.png Go down safely Every trapdoor (except in boss rooms and exit rooms) become crawl spaces.
Dispenser Dispenser.png Cry faster ! Adds 1 tear rate and 0.3 shotspeed. Has a chance (scaled with luck) to shoot a potion instead of a tear.
Redstone Redstone.png Beware of SethBling ! Spawns goop below tears that deals damage to enemies on ground.
Minecart Minecart.png Vroom ! Adds 0.4 speed.
Bow Bow.png Pro Sniper Doubles shotspeed and damage, and multiply by 2/3 the tear rate.
Cake Cake.png Heal each stage, Yummy ! Heals two hearts (red or blue) every stage.
Pumpkin Pumpkin.png Fear + Size up Adds size. Enemies nearby have fear. Endermen become neutral (attack when attacked).
Blaze Rod Blaze rod.png Touch my Stick >:D Tears about to fall on ground stay on ground. Tears burn enemies. Grants flight.
Brick Brick.png Damage up Adds ~1.4 damage.
Feather Feather.png Speed up Adds 0.25 speed.
Spider Eye Spider eye.png Range up Adds +4 range.
Ghast Tear Ghast tear.png Tear up Adds -2 tear rate with a cap of 12.
Nether Star Nether star.png All stats up Adds ~1.22 damage, 0.2 speed, range and 0.1 shotspeed.
Rabbit's Foot Rabbits foot.png Luck up Adds 2 luck.
Totem of Undying Totem.png Eternal life ? Spawns an orbital that deals contact damage. When the player dies, revives the player in the same room with full health.
Observer Observer.png I'm watching you When close to an enemy, makes Isaac fire tears straight at that enemy. If there are no ennemies, tears act normally.
Anvil Anvil.png Classic joke Every few seconds anvil falls down from the ceiling on random places, dealing damage to enemies.
Cauldron Cauldron.png Stack tears Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac and blocks tears. When it blocks a tear, it partially fills with water. Upon taking the 4th hit, it releases all accumulated water as a pool of blue creep of the size of Lemon Party pill.
Cobweb Cobweb.png Smells like Peter Spawns up to three webs when entering a room for the first time. Webs doesn't slow the player anymore, but slows down ennemies.
Lapis Lazuli Lapis lazuli.png Enchantment up Increases chances for enchanting table to replace regular slot machines.
Lever Lever.png Technology up Grants two random technology-related items for each room. Possible effects include: Technology, Technology 2, Tech.5, Technology Zero, Tech X, The Ludovico Technique, Jumper Cables, Tractor Beam, Broken Modem and Redstone.
Magma Block Magma block.png Trails of fire Gives a trail of orange creep that sets enemies on fire.
Mycelium Mycelium.png Now it's Yourcelium! Increases damage if you are on a floor with a curse.
Note Block Note block.png Pitch up when touched Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac and blocks shots. If he blocks a shot, he will play a sound. After getting hit 16 times (so full gamut is played) it drops random pickup slows all enemies for 20 seconds in current room. This can happen only once per room.
Piston Piston.png Launch enemies Replaces tears with a charged piston that will retract on a different range, depending how long it have been charged. Upon retracting it can damage and launch enemies away, break obstacles and reflect enemy tears.
Pufferfish Pufferfish.png Danger puff Gives a familiar that follows Isaac and inflicts poison on nearby enemies.
Nether Quartz Quartz.png Sin up Gives 2 black hearts.
Redstone torch Redstone torch.png It glows with power Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac and blocks projectiles. Fires technology lasers in the opposite direction of the projectile.
Shulker Shell Shulker shell.png Be shy Has a luck dependent chance of shooting a Shulker Tear
Slimeball Slimeball.png Stuck to the floor Removes knockback received and momentum.
Soulsand Soulsand.png Feed their souls Grants a scaled, but small chance to fire a slowing tear. Enemies killed while slowed has a chance to drop half of a Soul Heart.
Ice Ice.png Melting soul Adds 3 Soul Hearts. Grants immunity to fireplace and their projectiles.
Nether Wart Nether wart.png More room for potions Allows to carry two Potions at the time. Replaces all Cards and Pills with Potions.